DanceTCU Spring Concert showcases a diverse group of guest artists


Lyvia Baldner putting on her pointe shoes in Erma Lowe Hall. (Alexis Berry/Staff Writer)

By Amelia Crowley and Alexis Berry

This weekend is the opening for DanceTCU’s Spring Concert. The unique performance will feature TCU dance students performing an array of works from guest choreographers and TCU faculty. 

Highlighting a diverse panel of artists is paramount to this year’s production, said Keith Saunders, an assistant professor of professional practice for the School for Classical and Contemporary Dance (SCCD). 

“Across campus, there is a well-intentioned and well-placed effort to the increase of DEI profile if you will, and we’re wanting to make our contributions here in the SCCD,” Saunders said. 

Original works will be put on by guest choreographers, including the director of Los Angeles Contemporary Dance Company, Jamila Glass, Dance Theater of Harlem alumni Jenelle Figgins and William Isaac and TCU alumnus Christian von Howard.

Exposure to various choreography styles is a key part of the School of Dance’s curriculum, said Saunders. 

“We want to prepare our students for the many different outcomes they desire from an SCCDance education,” he said. 

The final DanceTCU Spring concert is emotional for senior ballet and modern dance major Heather Wolle, who is reminiscing on the importance of the dance program in her life. 

“I have made some of my best friends at TCU in the dance department,” Wolle said. “We’re all able to be there for each other and support each other especially when we’re performing. It’s really special to dance with your friends.”


The show will run for five performances, with evening performances on Thursday, Friday and Saturday at 7:30 p.m. and matinees on Saturday and Sunday at 1:30 p.m.