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People walk into the George L. Allen, Sr. Courts Building in Dallas on Monday, Oct. 22, 2018. Early voting starts Oct. 22 and ends Nov. 2. (Irwin Thompson/The Dallas Morning News via AP)

Record breaking turnout for week 1 of Tarrant County early voting

By Richard Edgemon
Published Oct 28, 2018
Early voting turnout for the 2018 midterms reaches record numbers. Read what brought Tarrant county voters to the polls.
Courtesy of Sarah Silbiger/The New York Times

What we’re reading: Bombs, Trump and Tweets

By Alexa Hines
Published Oct 26, 2018
Trump sent a few tweets and there is more news with the mail bombs.
Pipe bombs were delivered to several prominent Democrats. media credit

What we’re reading: Looks like no one is safe

By Mariana Rivas
Published Oct 25, 2018
Today's breaking news is mail bombs, Trump's cellphone eavesdroppers, women in the midterms and trade deals with China.
What were reading: Delivery

What we’re reading: Delivery

By Brittany Kasko
Published Oct 24, 2018
Suspicious packages, border control issues, Trump and election day information are breaking news today.
U.S. Senate candidate Beto ORourke greets supporters and early voters outside the Metropolitan Multi-Services Center on West Gray Street Monday, Oct. 22, 2018, in Houston.
Photo by Godofredo A. Vasquez.

What we’re reading: A little early voting surprise

By Carolina Olivares
Published Oct 23, 2018
Today we've got a lot of potential tensions between Saudi Arabia and other countries over the murder of a journalist, a look into the outcomes of early voting, and an update on Hurricane Willa headed into Mexico.
Millennials protest at a Black Lives Matter rally. 
credit: DC Report

Millennials have power to define the midterms. Will they use it?

By Mariana Rivas
Published Oct 18, 2018
Millennials are becoming one of the most significant voting populations in the upcoming midterms. But, if history reveals anything, they probably won't vote.
A sign that says Vote placed outside in Dallas. Photo by: Jorge Sanhueza-Lyon/Kut

Political organizations and their efforts towards midterm elections

By Carolina Olivares
Published Oct 17, 2018
Young Republicans and Democrats at TCU have conversations to influence a higher voter turnout.
A certified identification and credentials of a poll watcher (photo courtesy of elect.hamiltontn.gov)

Have no fear, poll watchers are here

By Brittany Kasko
Published Oct 17, 2018
Poll watchers seem to play more of an integral role in the election process than ever before.
President Donald Trump talks with reporters during a signing ceremony for the Save Our Seas Act of 2018 in the Oval Office of the White House, Thursday, Oct. 11, 2018, in Washington. At left is Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross. (AP Photo/Evan Vucci)

What we’re reading: Trump and Tensions

By Katie Carter
Published Oct 12, 2018
Today we've got a lot of tensions between Trump and the rest of the world; including China, Turkey, and Saudi Arabia.
Attorney General Jeff Sessions speaks during the Office of Justice Programs National Institute of Justice Opioid Research Summit in Washington, Tuesday, Sept. 25. (AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster)

What we’re reading: From hurricanes to a heated administration

By Corinne Hildebrandt
Published Oct 11, 2018
What we're reading.. the strongest storm to hit the U.S. since 1992 leaves the Florida panhandle devastated and Trump is maybe saying goodbye to another member of his administration.
Meryl Streeps speech at the Golden Globes in 2017 brought attention to political discussion.

The politics of Hollywood

By Brittany Kasko
Published Oct 11, 2018
With the Emmy's, AMA's and the upcoming People's Choice Awards, political influence on award shows is becoming a prominent topic of discussion.
Hurricane Michael has been downgraded to a Category 3 storm but is being called the third most powerful storm to hit the US mainland.
(Photo courtesy of NASA)

What we’re reading: It’s hurricane season

By Michael Rogers
Published Oct 10, 2018
What we're reading...Presdient Trump is hitting the campaign trail, an old face resurfaces... from prison and Hurricane Michael is slamming into the southeast.