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Photo by Sam Bruton.

UPDATE: Reported off campus robbery actually a narcotics deal gone bad

By Elizabeth Campbell and William KonigPublished February 9, 2018

Updated 02/06: Fort Worth police said Friday, that the report of an armed robbery on Wabash Avenue earlier this week was actually a drug deal. "This was not a robbery from subjects ‘flagging him down,’"Officer...

Elijah Herring used a master key to enter three apartments in one night before he was arrested for criminal trespassing (Photo courtesy of Tarrant County Sheriffs Office and Cristian Argueta Soto).

Arrest of desk assistant prompts changes in Housing and Residential Life hiring

By Shane BattisPublished February 3, 2018

The student was asleep in her bedroom when the sound of her apartment door opening woke her, according to TCU police reports. She called out, but rather than getting an answer she heard footsteps running...

TCU Alert System doesnt reach GrandMarc residents

TCU Alert System doesn’t reach GrandMarc residents

By Skylar KalbPublished December 7, 2017

TCU Alert is meant to warn students of imminent danger, school closures and weather conditions; but the notifications can be tricky when students move off campus - even if the move is just down the street...

Passing along an ID may land students in campus life

Passing along an ID may land students in campus life

By Corinne HildebrandtPublished November 22, 2017

Some TCU students don’t hesitate to loan their campus ID along to a friend to get into a football game, but what they see as harmless has TCU Police worried and cracking down on the practice. Sophomore...

WATCH: assistant vice chancellor for public safety talks his role, future plans for TCU

WATCH: assistant vice chancellor for public safety talks his role, future plans for TCU

By Elizabeth CampbellPublished November 16, 2017

Following last week's lockdown, safety was at the front of many people's minds, but for one man, campus safety is always at the front of his mind. Adrian Andrews, assistant vice chancellor for...

TCU Samuelson Hall

Some students unsure of where to take cover during lockdowns

By Grace AmissPublished November 16, 2017

When sirens sounded across campus this month urging people to take shelter because “an armed person” was on campus, some students said they were unsure of where to go. Although fire drills are held...

Two Roadrunner Shuttle service employees got into an argument and one fired a shot. This is a Roadrunner Shuttle, but not the one involved in the incident. (Photo by Elizabeth Campbell.)

Update: Shooter near campus is in Fort Worth Police custody

By Elizabeth CampbellPublished November 7, 2017

In an effort to calm any fears after a shooting incident between Roadrunner drivers, TCU is considering having armed guards ride on the shuttles. Assistant Vice Chancellor for Public Safety Adrian...

TCU, area schools share similar policies for handling suspicious people

By Shane BattisPublished January 20, 2016

After a series of incidents involving a mentally ill man near TCU's campus, the university sent out a campus wide crime alerts - one of its strategies for handling suspicious people around campus. A...

Vacancies increasing at the Fort Worth Police Department as recruiting slows

By Samirah SwalehPublished January 11, 2016

Despite plans to add a sixth patrol division to address slow police response times, the Fort Worth Police Department is facing a shortage of recruits and is losing more officers each month than it’s...

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