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TCU Police Chief Steven McGee said, if you walk confidently with a purpose, you can avoid something [bad happening].

TCU police chief speaks on safety tips

Published Jan 21, 2016
Following a series of unsettling crime alerts, TCU Police Chief Steven McGee gives some advice on avoiding potentially scary situations.
Daniel Staley in custody at Tarrant County Correction Center

Police: Mentally ill man who made threats against women arrested near UNTHSC

Published Jan 12, 2016
The man, who has a history of mental illness, was released from the hospital on Jan. 6 following a psychiatric evaluation.
Daniel Wayne Staley, 24, was detained near campus on Dec. 24 after threatening to dismember a woman.

TCU police warn community after mentally ill man released

Published Jan 7, 2016
A man with a history of mental illness was detained near campus on Dec. 24 after threatening to dismember a woman.
A TCU student was robbed in his home on Wednesday night.

TCU student reports home invasion

Published Dec 31, 2015
A TCU student and several guests were robbed at gunpoint in an off-campus residence Wednesday night.
A different Froggie Five-O driver at the intersection on University Drive where the accident occurred.

Froggie Five-O cart crashes with car on University Drive

Published Dec 9, 2015
A Froggie Five-O driver crashed with a car Wednesday night on University Drive.
TCU police issued a crime alert informing students of an off campus assault Sunday.

College-aged man suspected of indecent exposure

Published Dec 8, 2015
A female student reported to TCU police she saw a man touching himself inappropriately while looking at her.
Budtender Trevor Hollis holds a pair of marijuana buds for a customer at the Denver Kush Club early Friday, Nov. 27, 2015, in north Denver. More than two dozen customers took advantage of a new Colorado holiday tradition of marijuana shops drawing customers with discounted weed and holiday gift sets.

Substance abuse on the rise at TCU

Published Nov 30, 2015
In the past six years, substance abuse violations have more than doubled at TCU, but there are many possible causes for the increase.
Co-facilitators Evan Konnecky and Elizabeth Cordes lead a training for IFC students.

FSL implements bystander intervention training

Published Nov 14, 2015
Bystander intervention training aims to grow and become tailored towards TCU.
Students are utilizing the new wing of the library to study for upcoming finals.

Library expansion causes change in security measures

Published Nov 4, 2015
The new footprint of the library has caused past security measures to change.
Paramedics arrive at the scene of a pedestrian hit by a car at the intersection of University Drive and Bowie Street.

Female student hit by car turning onto Bowie Street

Published Oct 29, 2015
Paramedics have taken the student to the hospital by ambulance.
TCU Police Sgt. Cathy Moody and Officer Mitch Felder talked with students interacting with police.

TCU police advise students on encounters with the law

Published Oct 27, 2015
The event was sponsored by the Black Student Association to bring awareness to students about their rights when involved with police officers.
The lot at University Christian Church had to be partially blocked off due to a suspected gas leak.

Suspected gas leak near UCC lot causes bad smell

Published Oct 26, 2015
Part of the UCC lot was closed off Monday due to a suspected natural gas leak.